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Robert Downey Jr. Sexual Frustration Blog

A place to speak of all that makes Robert Downey Jr. attractive, and how he makes us feel... In our pants.

Run by two queers, so guess what. RDj is that sexy.

Aug 28 '13

Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry! I can't tell this to anyone. They already think I'm obsessed about Iron man. But I just want to say that I JUST LOVE YOU Robert Downey Jr. You are awesome! PEACE!!! :D

All is well!  Everyone loves him!

Aug 28 '13

Anonymous asked:

I love you Robert Downey Jr!!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world! May God bless you, Sire. :D

Thank you!

Aug 5 '13

Anonymous asked:

hello, I'm new here but I looooove your blog :D one question though: why do you put definitions of everything you post underneath?

Thank you for the love!

Oh, those are image descriptions.  They’re used for those who are seeing impaired with a screen reader, or have a slow internet connection, or just do not have images enabled on their computer.  They’re so they can read what the image is of.  It’s to make this blog accessible to all fans, not just those who are abled.

RDj loves us all.  All fans should be given an opportunity to love him, and I work hard on image descriptions for you all.

Jun 10 '13


[image: Photo of Robert Downey Junior wearing dark aviator glasses on set for Iron Man 3.]

Jun 10 '13

you-knowhoiam asked:

Omg this man is so damn sexy, i lose my breath everytime i saw him why is that ? how much sexiness can be contain in this beautiful man ?

I wish I knew how his face work too!  He’s brilliantly sexy.  Delicious man is delicious!

Jun 4 '13

Anonymous asked:

this is bad. i'm 13 & i want robert downey jr. to bang me so hard. i'm seriously sexually frustrated. my god, i cant stop watching the iron man movies on my computer. i'm goin crazy cuz this man is so damn sexy.

Young sexuality is always loved and welcomed.  Take care of yourself, though.  RDj would want you to be safe with your sexuality.

Jun 3 '13

englandsgirl2323 asked:

It might be My hormones, but WHY IS HE SO HOT? Not that I'm complaining or anything.... XD He's hot. I don't care that he's 48. I love him

He’s taking good care of himself.  It’s a miracle what being a new dad again can do to a man.

Apr 30 '13

n0n-descript asked:

I saw iron man 3 on Saturday, have you seen it yet!!!?

Sadly I’ve not had the chance to yet!  When and if I have the money to, I’ll definitely go to see it!

Apr 30 '13

Anonymous asked:

WHY IS ROBERT DOWNEY JR. SO SASSY, HANDSOME AND PERFECT? :((( i want to meet him so badly.

We are sure he’s found the fountain of youth.  Or possibly there’s a picture of him in his attic somewhere.

Regardless, we love him plenty.

Apr 2 '13

sammiieenegretee asked:

I finally found a blog I will forever love OMFG <3 YUS RDJ is sexy no matter the age ! OMG <333333333 thanks for making this AMAZING blog omfg .

Thank you for loving it!

Mar 5 '13
[Image: A gif of Robert Downey Jr. in various silly poses, from wearing red and black fishnets on his head to lighting an aerosol spray on fire while screaming. It&#8217;s all very strange, and he&#8217;s very attractive in all of them.]

[Image: A gif of Robert Downey Jr. in various silly poses, from wearing red and black fishnets on his head to lighting an aerosol spray on fire while screaming. It’s all very strange, and he’s very attractive in all of them.]

Jan 15 '13

Robert sexiest ever


(Submitted by rareten)

Oct 3 '12

sexydowney asked:

OMG Your blog is so amazing i can't ! asdfghjkl i love it so much !


May 28 '12
Robert Downey Jr - Man Like Me (The Futurist)

Robert Downey Jr.  | The Futurist - Man Like Me

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May 27 '12
"Robert Downey Jr is Ugly"
No one. (via yohohorobert)